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Majestic Mentorship Success E-Academy. We are committed to the success of the future Entrepreneurs whose great minds and resourcefulness will reshape Local economies, spur growth and development in rural areas, pave the way for new ideologies that respect personal development, promote civic engagement, inspire new leaders who will add their visions, voices, and time to the public discourse and global advancement of humanity.

We Empower Entrepreneur’s Success!

We are a private Digital Marketing Agency offering fee based and scholarship e~course suites of online business skills, utilizing and sharing our entrepreneurial investments, our marketing experiences, hands on business expertise and the humble input of business colleagues with a diverse insight and practical knowledge gained from running start-ups, Affiliate, Network Marketing and traditional business be they growing, successful and failed ventures. We are passionate about e-learning and on a mission to help disadvantaged futurepreneurs in Africa.

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We are not a certified academic institution so we encourage future clients to appreciate our goal to introduce Venture-preneurs to the online digital marketing business landscape whilst augmenting any formal education with access to our practical insights into the journeys and lessons learned by our team of Ultra-preneurs, Visionaries and Sage Business owners.

Our Top BUSINESS Subjects

We Center E-couses Around Resourcefulness, Appreciating Trends, Leveraging Automated Work Flows, Effective Business Management Tools And Efficient Digital Marketing Integrations Coupled With Seamless Strategies, Target Specific Plans And S.M.A.R.T Goals.


The trend towards digital marketing continues to march forward at a fast pace that is intimidating to many traditional business owners yet a walk in the park for tech savvy millennials. We offer e-courses that demystify and validate digital technology while offering solutions that bridge traditional ways, aleviate any schisms of skepticism and emboldening future business owners to venture confidently into the opportunity rich online digital marketing arena.

Branding & advertising

There is an expansive territory of real estate of business targeted planning and execusion that lies before, during, after, around and is both impacted and impacts branding and advertising. We do not want E-academy site visiting Futurepreneurs to be mislead into thinking that the chosen topics we have highlighted are all we offer and find worthy of introducing. We offer business basics e-courses alongside personal development, mindset and so much more. We are glad you found our E-Academy.


We offer e-courses that introduce, educate, and evaluate business workflow and management automation systems and strategies for the lay or newbie unfamiliar with digital technology or hesitant to change course. We discuss and review CRMs, funnels, email marketing, to name a few e-course topics, with insights into innovative platforms and readily implementable applications that are future focused, efficient and are newbie friendly.

Meet Nightingale Mukasa

I am a fervent supporter of Womenpreneurs, especially Future and Newpreneurs in the African Diaspora. An ardent promoter of the Home-Office Franchisee Entrepreneurship Business Model. I Aspire to sharpen my mindset daily. My mission, vision and legacy are embodied in my Academy’s goals: To inspire and mentor those less fortunate than I.

My Motto: You For You Means Boldly Investing In The Best For The Better. Live Life With Simplicity, Learning Lessons Seeker, Levelup Leadership Skills, Love To Strive To Thrive, Leverage Logical Solutions & Launch Lifetime Success.



It is truly an honor and a privilege to have been selected as the first Majestic mentorship Success and Dynamic Paradigms E-Academy’s Futurepreneurs scholarship recipient. This program has opened up an avenue for me to learn about the basics of business without the worry of costs associated with attending a formal business school. My personalised plan allows me to study at a pace that matches my lack of an online technology skillset and challenges me to take e-courses that will broaden my business foundation. I never knew any of these courses even existed let alone have access to them. Now I do. Thank you for this gift and opportunity to shine as I plan a path as a future entrepreneur and skilled millennial business owner.


Future Venturepreneur

I am passionate about Interior Designing and I am currently completing an official online Interior Design and Decoration certification at the QC School Of Design. A scholarship from the Dynamic Paradigms E-Academy has given me a window with a view into preparing and planning to establish my own business once I complete my online design studies. There is so much I need to learn about online business basics. By having a non intimidation option that is tailored to my scheduled and eradicates my lack of online marketing know how, has afforded me an invaluable peace of mind. I hold a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Business, so augmenting and furthering my knowledge of business, offers an added bonus of a new career path.


Deluxe Interiors Designer

My future plan is to open an Architechtrual firm in my home town of Masaka. The reality is that a formal education costs money. When I was approached about a scholarship to learn about the ins and outs of business while I find funds to pay for college, I was hesitant. After all I thought I needed to get a degree before taking business courses. Receiving a scholarship to pursuit an e-course plan of study thatis  introducing me to the basics and ins and outs of entrepreneurship, has been a god send. Instead of being idel, I am layong a foundation for my future. I now have a plan to finance my education by strategising and implementing what Iam learning into starting an online venture.


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